Review: The Top 3 Cellular Trail Cameras for the Outdoors According to Wildlife Observers

David Jones, Contributor Updated: Nov 30th, 2022

Whether you’re observing the wild or wanting to capture images and videos of the outdoors, you have to go for a camera that truly frames the whole details. Enter the cellular trail camera. 

“Do I really have to use a cellular trail camera? Why not just go for a regular one?” Sure, you can do that, too. But you might fall short of seeing the wild in its full glory. 

If you’re considering buying a cellular trail camera for your outdoor expeditions, you’ve come to the right place. We reviewed a ton of them to pick out three of the most reliable trail cameras – and we have them all on our list! 

Check out our best recommendations for cellular trail cameras. 

But First, How Did We Decide? 

Cellular trail cameras have evolved with much higher specs than before. To ensure we got the best cameras in our recommended list, we asked outdoor aficionados to help us pick out the best ones from the rest. 

After reviewing for two weeks, our team was able to identify the must-haves for cellular trail cameras including: 

  • Wide-angle capturing that allows you to see more details. 
  • A high-quality camera that can record videos at 1080P and images not lower than 12MP. 
  • A reliable motion sensor. 
  • Infrared lights for illumination
  • Fast trigger speed
  • Discreet design
  • Waterproof build
  • No-flash camera
  • Durable design

Out of all the cellular trail cameras we reviewed, these three stood out from the rest. 

Image and video quality are not compromised with the TrailCore. This cellular trail camera comes with a 16MP image capacity and 1080P video recording quality which helps you see details clearly night or day. 

The cellular trail camera is a powerful device even at night time. The TrailCore includes 36 built-in LED light bulbs that assist in illumination. With its powerful night vision feature, you can see fine details in the dark. 

If you’re all about capturing action in full details, on real time, the TrailCore is the winner in our eyes. 

This outdoor trail camera has a trigger speed of 0.3 seconds, a motion sensor that starts the photo sequence when movement is detected, and an adjustable photo-capturing capacity that takes multiple shots! 

The TrailCore also comes with a camera that can cover a wider, longer range of area. The camera can capture and sense movement within 20 meters and can scan in angle of 120 degrees. 

Thanks to its 4G feature, the TrailCore can send real-time live streams to your phones via an app without delays or lags. 

Built durably, and with waterproof features, the TrailCore not only captures the wild – it can stand the wild as well. 

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




With an image quality that can reach up to 20 MP, you get impressive shots from the ViewCross.

The ViewCross comes with an expanded view. At a camera angle view of 120 degrees, you can see more and you can have a bigger range to observe.

The night vision range of ViewCross can reach up to 20 meters. The camera comes with 30 LED light bulbs for better illumination.

The device can support memory cards up to 64G.

The ViewCross also includes a motion sensor that triggers capturing. The sensor range is 20 meters.

Additional details such as time stamps and temperature info are also included in the data sent to your phone.

The ViewCross has a 4G connectivity that allows you to stream without major lags and delays.

We also love how the ViewCross has a design that can camouflage with its environment so you won’t be scaring animals or intruders away. Easy to mount with a strap that holds up really well, you simply secure your camera and you’re good to go.

This multipurpose camera is also great for security and monitoring use.

Key Features



"Very Great"

If you’re looking for a high-quality camera with powerful image output, we recommend the MarkedZoom. 

This impressive cellular trail camera features 36MP image quality. You can zoom in up to eight times and you will still see the intricate details. 

This camera comes with a 70-degree field of view, allowing you to scan a sizeable amount of area. 

Night mode is not a problem with MarkedZoom that comes equipped with 46 LED light bulbs for added illumination. 

The motion sensor of the MarkedZoom comes with three adjustable modes – low, mid, and high. Each motion sensor can be customized based on the environment you’re working on. The sensor can cover up to 70-degree angle projection. 

We love the MarkedZoom’s time-lapse and continuous shooting. Once the camera starts the recording, you can see a time-lapse shot, and multiple shots that can capture from 1-6 photos. 

The cellular camera supports 4G connection. 

The camouflage design makes this cellular trail camera discreet and undetectable. Strap it on securely and you can leave it outdoors confidently. 

Designed to be durable, waterproof and heatproof. 

Key Features



"Very Good"

The Rundown

The outdoors need to be observed and seen! With an excellent cellular trail camera, you don’t have to actually go outdoors to see what’s happening. Just strap the camera, and you can start the exploration! 

Check out our list of the most recommended cellular trail cameras by outdoor experts. You’ll never see outdoors the same way again.