Review: The Best Goalkeeper Gloves to Buy in 2022 According to Soccer Players

David Jones, Contributor Updated: Oct 26th, 2022

Apart from making a score, keeping your opponents from hitting a goal lies on your hands – you, the goalkeeper. Your hands are your ultimate weapon, and ensuring you can catch shots with the help of quality goalkeeper gloves is a top priority. 

We decided to sift the options. For more than two weeks, our team decided to check the durability, credibility, and versatility of the most popular goalkeeper gloves.

Through our review, we found the top three best goalkeeper gloves that every goalie should have! 

Check out our list below.

How We Decided

We wanted to ensure that each product we added here is goalie-approved. We asked ten goalies to try more than twenty goalkeeper gloves to help us determine which options are 100% on this list. 

For more than ten days, we thoroughly checked each detail so we could have the best options for you. 

During our review, we were able to determine what to look for when deciding on what goalkeeper gloves to buy. 

Padded Backhand

The backhand should be sufficiently padded to prevent the hand from getting injured while punching and catching the ball. 

Flexible Finger Support

We looked for goalkeeper gloves that come with increased finger protection that doesn’t prevent the gloves from also being flexible. 

Palm Design

We looked for gloves with a palm design that enables a strong, non-slip grip. 

Wrist Support and Closure

The wrist gets the blunt force of the raging ball most of the time, so we made sure that it comes with a quality lock and closure to prevent potential wrist injury. 

Out of all the goalkeeper gloves we reviewed, these are the top options that stood out. 

The goalkeepers who reviewed the HobGloves call these gloves “the most grippy gloves with the best flexibility.” 

The prime feature of the HobGloves is its durable backhand design – it comes with a thick, compact, yet flexible design that prevents you from feeling like your hands are restricted. 

The finger protector comes with double coact protection to prevent finger injuries. The finger coats also include spines to give your fingers more flexibility. 

The palm is made of Grip German latex that allows you to catch and grip the balls even during rainy and snowy days. 

The gloves also include 3-mm foam on the palms of the gloves to prevent impact from hurting you. 

The HobGloves come with a double lock and velcro strap to ensure that the wrist is supported and that the gloves won’t slip off. 

If traditional football gloves make your hands feel sweaty, you won’t have to worry about it with the HobGloves, as it comes with a breathable design to keep better air circulation. 

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




When the reviewers took the gloves to the test, the number one thing that they noticed is the strap and wrist support. The innovative closing device ensured the wrist lock stayed and supported the wrists. 

The lining for the LeagueCax is an elastic strap to promote flexibility, and better finger movement.

The palms come in premium latex that enables a firm grip even under wet conditions – a feature that enables you to wear the gloves on rainy and dry days. 

One of the biggest things we like about the LeagueCax is its unique latex-knit that promotes better breathability. You can wear the goalie gloves the entire game or practice day without having to worry about the gloves getting your hands sweaty. 

The LeagueCax – thanks to its adjustable straps – can fit both adolescent and adult hands. It’s great for matches and practice games. 

Key Features



"Very Great"

Our review team refers to this as the best goalie gloves for beginners and those under soccer training frequently. 

The MivuzGrip goalkeeper gloves come with the thickest latex protection that comes in handy when you want to keep your hands protected and shielded if you’re starting out in the soccer games. 

The finger protection of the MivuzGrip also includes a sharpnel system to prevent injuries, and to to help you make a powerful grip. 

MivuzGrip comes with a double wrist protection which is a mix of elastic lining layer and strap-adjusted velcro bandage. This design keeps the goalie gloves in place and offers additional wrist support to prevent serious wrist injuries. 

The MivuzGrip is exceptionally durable – the gloves can take a heat without getting torn apart. 

Surprisingly — despite its very durable build — it’s breathable and flexible. The increased air circulation prevents sweaty palms from getting in the way of your games. 

Key Features



"Very Good"

The Rundown

A great quality soccer goalie gloves can take your games to the next level! You can be confident you won’t get injured, and  you can always catch goal attempts with ease. Whether you’re a beginner in the game, or someone who is training to be the next pro, the goalkeeper gloves we mentioned above will help you reach those soccer goals.