Top 4 Best Metal Detectors to Score Your First Treasure in 2023

David Jones Updated: Jun 14th, 2024

Did some random guy’s video of unearthing valuable discoveries on Tiktok or Youtube sparked your interest in metal prospecting? Or maybe you’ve been trying to figure out how you could become one?

Well, no matter what your reasons are, you’ve come to the right place to turn your prospecting desire into reality.

There’s one thing you need to know when it comes to metal prospecting: every great find starts with the right equipment. That means you need a metal detector that’s suiting to your skill level. And we know finding the one could be really daunting.

So we went searching through the ends of the internet to find the Best Metal Detectors for 2023 that’s perfect for both beginners and experts alike. Trust us. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

Nonetheless, we’ve found 4 metal detectors we’re proud to recommend. We’ve highlighted each device’s features and advantages that are paramount to your decision-making. Read along!

How We Decided on the Best Metal Detectors

Our review team spent hours meticulously testing all the metal detectors in this review. We’re tech junkies just like you, and we had fun handling all the different devices during our testing process – It’s part of the job, right?

Unlike other sites, we don’t accept sponsor money, so you know that you can rely on our unbiased recommendations.

If you’re aiming to score your first find or wishing to improve your prospecting techniques, the LootFinder Smart Metal Detector is the perfect partner for you. This device takes simplicity and refinement into one all-around detector.

The LootFinder detects almost every valuable find you can get your hands on, like gold, silver, aluminum, and even jewelry and relics. Its precision lies within the sensitivity of the device that you can control depending on your target preference. And thanks to its advanced discriminator system and object detecting modes, it makes multiple targeting and sweeping convenient. It even comes with 3 audio tones so that you’ll stay precise every time.

As mentioned, the LootFinder caters to both beginners and enthusiasts because of its unique controlled unit that allows easy operation. No complex setups. Just turn it on and choose what your next target is. And no matter where you are—on beaches or rivers—the LootFinder got you covered once the desire to unearth your next find kicks in.

Bring it on your next camping trip or family outing; the LootFinder will never disappoint. That’s why we named it our #1 Choice for Metal Detectors this 2023.

Key Features

Editor's Pick




Spring is coming, and that means the gold season is fast approaching. Time to up your gold prospecting game with DeTek Advanced 8FT Sensitivity Metal Detector. As the name suggests, this device takes metal detector’s sensitivity like nobody’s business.

With DeTek, you’ll get better control in your prospecting adventures. The device comes with a unique discriminator and ground balancing system that take searches up to 8FT with excellent precision. So if you’re up to score your next gold nugget, DeTek’s sensitivity makes it easy to detect.

Though this device is mainly designed for gold prospecting, it is also an excellent all-around treasure finder. The availability of separate controls for gain and threshold enables you to blend the right audibility and signal according to your preferred target. You can even easily switch the device from gold prospecting to all-metal mode. Sounds impressive, isn’t it?

That’s the advantage of DeTek against other metal detectors. It combines your experience with great features to maximize all the time and effort you put through in finding your next treasure. And with its 11-inch DD search coil and waterproof detecting plate, you can discover valuable metals, coins, and so much more—wherever you may be!

Key Features



"Very Good"

Are you getting started with metal prospecting? The LoKator Pro Metal Detector is the best partner to embark on your journey. It’s tailored to provide simplicity and accuracy—regardless of experience level.

This device comes with straightforward designs that make beginners feel like a PRO. With high sensitivity in detecting hidden and precious metals, you’ll never miss scoring your first finds. As mentioned, there’s no complex setup or control. The device is set with LCD and audio alerts, so you don’t have to mind about prospecting’s technicalities.

Of course, there are some limitations on what it can do. But as a starting metal detector, it comes with everything you need to take that first step. It’s perfect for kids, family outings, and science education trips.

Key Features




If you’re looking to increase your chances of finding precious metals, whether on the ground or underwater, this BlackFinds Metal Detector and Pinpointer is an excellent addition to your arsenal. This device features a 360° probe design that expands your detection area and minimizes target loss. When used in close proximity, it effectively pinpoints your target so that you don’t have to keep digging with your bare hands. In other words, it cuts your time and effort to a minimum when unearthing your finds.

Aside from BlackFinds’ exceptional detection, its one-button operation is even more impressive. This feature enables you to quickly turn on the device and spot your target. It even comes with 3 detection modes to effectively assist you in different environments. 

When it comes to handheld metal detectors, the BlackFinds is one of the best. It’s easy to use, effective in various scenarios, and quick to spot your targets. 

Key Features





When choosing the “best” metal detector for you, defining what your prospect target is essential. As you’ve already known, there’s a device specifically designed for each treasure buried underneath. In other words, knowing what you want to search for could help break down the list of features you wish to have.

However, if you’re just getting started with metal detecting, an easy-to-use device is ideal. With this, you’ll not feel overwhelmed and confused as you head along your journey. The ability to control the detector’s sensitivity is also an essential factor to consider. That’s because it makes things more manageable, especially in different environments.

There you have it! That’s our Top 4 Best Metal Detectors for 2023. We hope you find the perfect device for your upcoming adventures, and we can’t wait to see your next— or first— discovery!

How Do Metal Detectors Work?

A metal detector operates by transmitting electromagnetic fields from its search coil towards the ground.

Metal targets (objects) within reach of the electromagnetic field get energized, transmitting a separate electromagnetic field.

The device detects this process across a variety of different metals, allowing the operator to locate any metals hidden underground.

How Do I Use a Metal Detector?

After selecting the right metal detector to suit your requirements, it’s time to get ready to search. Here are a few tips to help you get more out of your metal detector and your searching experience.


Understanding the Features of Your Metal Detector

When choosing your metal detector, you need a basic understanding of the device’s different types of features and functions. Some of the most important elements to look out for include the following.


Detector Modes

Modern metal detectors come with multiple modes for detecting all types of metals. There are plenty of uses for your metal detector, from jewelry and precious metals to pipework and metal deposits.


Discriminator Settings

This feature on your metal detector allows your device to tell the difference between different metals and the ones you want to find.


Sensitivity Level

You’ll fine-tune this setting to suit the location. For instance, searching in a building with pipework requires different settings to exploring at the beach.


Ground Balances

This setting helps you adjust the sensitivity of your detector to suit the local mineral deposits in the ground. As a result, you avoid false detections during your search.



Testing Your Metal Detector

After finishing your setup, it’s time to test your new metal detector. Testing is essential before you decide to move off to a search site.

Gather a few different types of metal from around the house. Bury them at different depths around the garden, and see if your detector picks them up.


What Kit Do I Need for Searching with My Metal Detector?

Durable gloves – Digging in the ground with your hands is risky business and could result in an injury!

Headphones – Your headset helps you track the audio prompts on your detector.

Digging Tools – You’ll need to take a small collapsible shovel with you.

Coil Covers – These covers protect your coil, extending the service life of the device.

What Makes a Good Location for Searching?

Here are some of the top spots for searching with your new metal detector.


High-activity Areas

Search in high activity areas around parks and other public locations. The more people around, the better the chances of someone dropping something exciting for you to find.

The Beach

Always a top choice for searching. People lose plenty of stuff in the sand, from diamond wedding rings to money clips. Check along the shoreline for the best results.

Old Abandoned Sites

A great choice. Look for old relics and other metal objects left behind by previous owners or inhabitants.


Choosing the Best Metal Detector – FAQ

Q: Are there any metals my metal detector won’t pick up?

A: Yes, your metal detector doesn’t detect non-ferrous metals. The average metal detector won’t detect magnetic metals like silver and gold or tin and brass. You’ll need to ensure you’re purchasing a model suitable for searching for those materials. They typically cost a bit more money than your standard metal detectors.

Q: Is it illegal to use a metal detector at the beach?

A: Some states have different laws from others, so make sure you know the county bylaws before searching. Some states make it lawful to search on the beach, but you can’t go in the water. Others prohibit metal detectors on the beach entirely. Make sure you’re on the right side of the law before you start searching.

Q: Is it legal to use a metal detector in public parks?

A: It’s important to note that you can’t search with your metal detector in most state and federal lands. You’ll have to apply for a permit if the state has any restrictions on metal detecting in public parks. Even if you do find something, you won’t be allowed to remove it from the area.

Q: Does my metal detector see-through aluminum foil?

A: Aluminum foil is undetectable by both X-ray machines and metal detectors. This non-ferrous metal does not show up on your metal detector, and it will block anything underneath it from showing up on your device.

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