3 Best Pedometer to Buy to Track Your Daily Steps Conveniently

David Jones, Contributor Updated: Feb 8th, 2022

Pedometers are an excellent tool to keep track of your health. It’s easy to use and focused on what data you want—your total steps made. However, searching for a suitable device can be challenging. The dilemma of whether choosing a basic yet straightforward device or elaborated with varieties of non-related features can be confusing. So to help you score the best deals, we have scoured the internet to find the Best Pedometers to Buy for 2022. And after months of researching, we have concluded that these 3 items are the best of the best. From features to price to accuracy—no doubt that you’ll love these products!

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When it comes to pedometers, minimalism is a new religion. And the ExeSteps Pedometer is the perfect example. This device comes in a full display with only one button available—the reset button. It does not include any apps, alarms, or connectivities—its sole purpose is to count your total daily steps, and that’s it. Simple, straightforward, and precise, that’s what this device is all about.

The ExeSteps Pedometer uses a 3D Tri-Axis Sensor to track your daily steps. This technology is highly efficient in measuring steps accurately when carried from one position to another. Further, the ExeSteps also features a 10-step error correction. That means you have to walk at least 10 steps before the device starts recording your progress, which is essential to prevent inconsistent tracking.

Aside from its top-notch accuracy, other factors will make you fall in love with the ExeSteps. First, its large display makes everything easy to see and read. Next, its battery uses CR-2032, which can last up to 12 months. Plus, it comes with an automatic battery-saving feature that shuts the device off after a few minutes of idle. Lastly, it’s convenient to carry around since you can either clip it on your shirt or bag or wear it using the included lanyard.

Overall, the ExeSteps Pedometer is an excellent choice if your primary intention is only to count your daily steps. There is no necessary setup just to ensure accuracy—it’s good to go fresh from the box, which is excellent for people of age.

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If basic, straightforward pedometers aren’t what you’re looking for, then this OnsTracker is the best fit for your needs. This device is your fitness version of a pandora’s box, with health monitoring that expands from sleep to wake.

The OnsTracker comes with all the usual functions you usually see from a fitness tracker. And as per our testing, this device has the best pedometer function in its category. First, it comes with simple activity tracking functionality that records your daily steps, workouts, and sleep patterns. So if you’re very detailed with workout or exercise progress reports, this device provides you with every detail. The best part? You can sync the data to your smartphone for easy reading.

This fitness tracker’s size is also a significant factor. For pedometers to not interfere with your daily activity, they should be light and compact. And the OnsTracker is designed precisely to fit your wrist without the annoying heaviness. It’s even skin-friendly, soft to wear, and waterproof so that you can wear it anytime, anywhere.

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Here’s another pedometer that’s focused on tracking your daily steps only. The TekiCount features a simple yet precise way of determining your total steps using 3D sensor technology. What’s great about this device is that, just like the ExeSteps, it does not require any setup to run perfectly.

For its compact and lightweight design, the TekiCount has essential features that would make progress reporting even in-depth. There’s a 7-day memory function that records your calorie history to understand your exercise status better. Next, you can set your target number of steps per day to make fitness goal setting more accessible.

Durability and longevity are also vital factors in TekiCount’s success. It comes with an auto-sleep, battery-saving function that puts the device to sleep when idle. And with its CR-2032 battery, it can last up to 12 months of continuous use. 

TekiCount is a decent device at a highly budget-friendly price. It packs the same features as most top-grade pedometers today.

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The Rundown

If walking is a big part of your exercise routine, getting yourself a pedometer is an excellent way to stay on top of your progress all the time. So in choosing a pedometer, here are a few tips to consider before buying:

Size and Design

Choosing lightweight and compact pedometers is essential to ensure comfortable use while walking. A clip-on or lanyard attachment is also vital to guarantee it won’t hinder your range of motion.

Sensor Technology

There are different types of sensor technology used in pedometers. Choosing products with 3D sensor technology ensures accurate reading at any given position, which is essential to acquire precise reading all the time.

Error Correction Function

Opting for devices with a 10-step correction is essential to achieve precise and constant results. This function ensures there’s no discrepancy over the total steps you’ve made in a day.

Other Features

Add-ons such as goal setting, battery-saving, and reset are excellent to have to help you make the most out of your pedometer. 


All the products we recommend in this list passed all our criteria for testing. So we guarantee you that whatever product you choose will serve your advantage. Try them out and make use of our special offers if you buy on our site.