Not Skipping Cardio Anymore - Review on the Best Skipping Ropes to buy in 2022

David Jones, Contributor Updated: Apr 6th, 2022

Cardio can be hard, you know. When the schedule gets tight, when exhaustion creeps in, the first thing to go will be exercise. Although it has loads of benefits, exercise requires us to work both our mind and body, and if you’re used to hard exercise, it can be difficult to find motivation again. The next thing you know, you won’t be able to recall when you allowed yourself to get a good sweat again.

However, when you go for easy yet heart-pumping exercise, you can feel motivated to move and not feel drained out in the long run. We asked some fitness buffs about exercises that don’t drain them up and we got one common answer – skipping rope.

What’s great about having a skipping rope?

After knowing that most exercise fans are big on skipping ropes, we asked them why and we got this answer: it’s easy, it’s quick, and it allows you to work out even at home.

One of the respondents we asked said “I tried jumping rope and I was so impressed I was able to burn 300 calories in just 30 minutes!”

When asked about the best jumping ropes for effective cardio exercises, there were three products that stood out. We scoured the reviews and all we found our 5-star ratings and raves!

In this review, we are featuring the top 3 best skipping ropes that will never make you skip cardio days again!

Do you love jumping ropes but hate how some of its cords can hurt the floor you’re working on? If you’re working out at home, you have to also be keen at seeing how your rope is affecting the floor. Good thing, this highly-recommended, and most-mentioned product on our list combines the power of both rope and cordless jumping.

The JumpMate aims to be three things: multipurpose, easy, and efficient. This skipping rope checks all the boxes with its dual rope settings, its ergonomic design, and its reliable counter.

Compared to the rest of the skipping ropes in the market, the JumpMate is a bit on the expensive side, but you get the bang for your buck. Its easy grip handles make it more convenient for you to hold it without feeling the strain on your hands. It also includes a calorie and rep counter that will help you see your inspiring progress real time!

If you’re working out from home and you need an extra push to go the extra mile, the JumpMate is a must-have!

Key Features

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Are you specifically looking for a skipping rope that will not make loud noises on the floor, maximizes mini spaces, and lessens the strain on your wrists? SLift does that.

Some of the people who recommended SLift call this the upgraded jumping rope. Unlike traditional ropes, SLift features cordless jumping where ropes won’t whack you in the head, or make loud noises on the floor.

This jumping rope comes with an adjustable cord which can extend up to 9.84 feet, you can achieve the optimum length ideal for your space and for your cardio goals.

The SLift comes with an ultra-accurate calorie counter so you can see in real time the results of your workout. One of the experts who recommended SLift to us told our team that this product can actually help you burn up to 1000 calories in an hour. That’s an insane number that made us grab SLift in a heartbeat.

If you have workout and weight goals at home, your best buddy can be the SLift jumping rope.

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"Very Good"

Do you love everything extra – in looks, in performance, in comfort? The TrainEze delivers all that.

The first time we saw the TrainEze, we fell in love with its looks – it’s a fun, quirky, pastel jump rope that instantly catches the eyes. However, its features sealed the deal for us.

We love how it supports dual jumping options – cordless and rope – without affecting your weight loss goals. It comes with weighted balls that give your exercises and extra challenge, and extra calorie burn, too.

The handles of the TrainEze comes with an ultra-soft memory foam that allows you to have a more comfortable grip on the rope. The handles have moisture-wicking materials so you won’t have to worry about dealing with damp, stinky handles.

With adjustable cords, the TrainEze can be used anytime, anywhere, at any space!

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Are you done with all the tangles and kinks that get in the way of a smooth, seamless jumping rope exercise? We know that feeling, and we hate how we sometimes spend more time untangling ropes than actually getting the exercise done.

But not anymore with WiraJump. This skipping rope is made of smooth, flexible material that prevents kinks and tangles from happening. The WiraJump also supports cordless jumping, so you can easily eliminate the cord challenges easily.

What stood out to us is how smooth and easy it is for the ropes to make 360-degree turns. It’s as if you’re not using anything!

The WiraJump is so techy – it comes with a high-technology fitness tracker that tells you about the calories you’ve burned, the laps you’ve taken, and your current weight. It’s like having your fitness watch in a jump rope! Seeing numbers of progress can easily perk you up to go the extra mile.

This skipping rope is a family rope – it’s for everyone. Moms, dads, and even kids can easily use this jumping rope!

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A lot of false advertisements have robbed exercise of its convenience. We are made to believe that we need to hit the gym just to achieve our fitness goals. We are told we need to spend tons of money on equipment so we can let go of our flabs. Truth is, exercise is easy – and that’s what these recommended jumping ropes prove to us. We can exercise everywhere. We can still burn tons of calories even while at home. We can achieve our dream bods without spending so much!

If you’re planning to start your fitness journey soon, we highly recommend to check out our list on the best jumping ropes – you will find one that will fit your need!