3 Best Doorway Pull Up Bar to Buy for Your Secured and Complete Workout at Home this 2022

David Jones, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

Have you seen those pull-up bars fail videos on Youtube? Those may be funny to watch, but imagine if this happens to you in the middle of your at-home workout routine? You might not want to do pull-ups ever again!

Well, apparently, flimsy and unsecured pull-up bars are a not-so-new issue. We’ve seen reviews from hundreds of products, and they all complained the same, “it breaks after the second use.” 

And with the pull-up bar’s exercise method, it’s easy to break a bone if what you’re dealing with isn’t quality.

So to help you find the best and most secured doorway pull-up bar for all your exercises, we’ve tested over 30 products on the market to find the PERFECT tool that fits your varying needs. We focused on each product’s material, safety, and overall quality — so that you’ll feel confident to workout your entire body at home. And after months of researching, we’ve concluded that these 3 pull-up bars are the best to buy.

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Quality construction, secure operation, and easy installation are the 3 reasons we picked the ExeBuff as our #1. It’s a complete, heavy-duty pull-up bar with foam and PVC grips, making it super durable and versatile. 

The structure feels solid and can take up to 300 lbs of weight with no issue. Honestly, right off the bat, you’ll know that its quality.

Here’s what’s even more impressive — it’s multi-purpose. You can mount the pull-up bar on any doorway (24” to 36”) to perform pull-ups, chin-ups, and other exercises. Or, you can use it on the ground and work out your legs and core. 

Furthermore, since the ExeBuff requires no holes to be installed, it comes with foam covers to protect your doorframes. Yes, with this as your pull-up bar — no scratch or dent will be left behind. And that’s peace of mind if you’re living in rented spaces.

Of course, everything won’t be satisfying if you have difficulty putting all the pieces together. We know because we’ve seen a lot of people complain about it. But, the ExeBuff is different. It’s 100% easy to install and takes little to no effort in connecting all parts. It even comes with a complete guide for the step-by-step procedure so that you won’t find yourself lost in the process.

Overall, the ExeBuff screams quality. And the reviews among gym enthusiasts are a testament to what it can deliver. Give it a try and see the difference!

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If a slip-in design like the ExeBuff isn’t what you’re looking for and you need something that’s mounted with screws and safe handles, then the Pull2Fit is the best choice. This one comes with a metal casket that you need to screw in to mount the pull-up bar before using it. So if you’re doorway doesn’t have a stable doorframe — this is the PERFECT option to keep your workouts up to pace. 

The Pull2Fit is the most straightforward in this list, just like the typical monkey bar. But mind you, it’s the easiest to use to work out your wrist, arm, pectoral, back, and overall strength. 

What makes this the perfect home workout equipment is its stability. It’s made of heavy-duty, chrome steel that can handle up to 220 lbs. And since it comes with a metal casket, you can expect the pull-up bar to stay in place no matter how much you move. In fact, it’s so secure that you can even perform upside-down crunches with no fear!

The Pull2Fit also comes with a thoughtful design to enable you to easily install the pull-up bar and use it with great convenience. The bar’s length is adjustable from 24.4 to 39.4, which fits almost all standard doorways. Then, comfortable grips come into play, giving you non-slip, extra-long foam to minimize hand fatigue and calluses. Once you’re done, you can quickly retract the bar to its smallest size and store it anywhere, as if you didn’t sweat at all!

And that’s what real convenience feels like.

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The AQUOS-LIFTS is a top contender for durable and secure pull-up bars. Its solid construction can rival any of the leading trusted brands today. And here’s our take on it.

We like the AQUOS-LIFTS because of its heavy-duty, durable steel that can easily take on any weight. And with its defined body-sculpting and strength-building design, you can really feel that it’s stable regardless of how much you pull.

Further, the sponge grip makes all exercises stress-free. It’s soft enough to prevent cramping or to develop calluses whenever you do various upper body workouts or midsection toning.

As per its installation, the AQUOS-LIFTS is one of the easiest we put our hands on. It requires no screws, yet it holds tightly whenever you mount it on any doorframe to perform a series of exercises. And if ever you decide to carry this workout equipment in your travels, the AQUOS-LIFTS can be dismantled easily with just a few steps.

Overall, the AQUOS-LIFTS Pull-up Bar is a reliable tool to maintain your shape at home. It comes with all the right marks: quality construction, easy installation, and portable. Indeed, a worthy purchase!

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Pull-up bars are an easy and economical way to maintain your shape at home. It’s quick to install, effectively delivers a complete workout, and consumes less space than heavy-duty gym equipment. But for you to take advantage of all the benefits — quality is key. 

So in choosing the PERFECT pull-up bar, you must consider the material used, the quality of construction, and how secure it is once mounted on your doorway. By knowing these factors ahead, you’ll be able to perform exercises safely and get the most out of your purchase.

The products highlighted in this list are the best of the best in our opinion. And they passed all our testing criteria with flying colors. Our independent reviewers agree that you should buy these products if you want safe and secure pull-up chin-up exercises at home. 

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