2022 Top 4 Best Mountain Bike Helmet for Head Protection

David Jones, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

Mountain biking has recently become a popular action sport, and there’s a good reason for it – it’s exciting, it boosts your adrenaline rush, and it helps you see beautiful sceneries and sights while the wind is hitting your face. Shredding the trails on a mountain bike needs total protection especially on the head. The head can be one of the most vulnerable parts of the body when MTBing. This is why anyone who is trying out mountain biking should consider getting the best mountain biking helmets to always stay safe.

Mountain bikes should be three things. First, it should be lightweight as to not get in the way of mountain biking speed. Second, it should be durable – it should shield the head from the impact that comes from fall and crashes. Third, it should have a firm grip on the head since mountain biking can be action-filled.

In this review, we are featuring four mountain biking helmets that check all the boxes above. We believe that keeping your head safe is one of the best ways to enjoy your mountain biking experience. Fall in love with mountain biking without compromising your safety with our top picks: the most durable mountain biking headgear for head safety.

ShredShield is an MTB helmet that combines head protection and improved vision. The ShredShield helmet comes with goggles to help the rider see the road clearly. This MTB gear comes with headlights with 9 modes so the rider can send in safety signals to other riders. ShredShield is made from highly-durable, impact-resistant material that can stand bumps, crashes, and strong impacts.

Made from Titanium, the ShredShield is guaranteed to be lightweight. The inner lining of the helmet is made with a non-slip material – you can be ensured that the helmet will firmly grip your head.

The ShredShield is a great gift for both professional and beginner mountain bikers.

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Can you stay stylish all while you keep your entire head safe? The FelinTek fancy helmet with cat ears says yes! Show off your cute personality with this funky headgear. The cute cat ears will make you stand out on the road, all while keeping you safe. The FelinTek is made from durable ABS plastic with EPS foam. This helmet provides full face protection and a fine grip on the head. You don’t have to worry about helmets falling off.

The helmet comes with a flip lens design. It comes with a sun shield that can protect you from UV rays and sudden brightness that could affect your vision while driving.

If you know a stylish motorcycle and motocross driver, this is a helmet that you can gift them! With the FelinTek, you can stay stylish and safe.

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The UltraGear is a waterproof helmet that is both lightweight and durable. The helmet is made from PVC material and EPS foam – a combination that delivers comfort and total protection. It comes with a signal light for extra safety. It features a nylon webbing that makes the helmet breathable and moisture-wicking. What we love about the UltraGear is that it comes in sophisticated designs that you can mix and match with any biking attire.

The UltraGear is made to comfortably mold into the head. You can be confident that it won’t randomly fall while you’re shredding difficult trails. We recommend this helmet if you’re looking for a stylish, lightweight helmet that can stand high-impact crashes.

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Mountain biking should not be boring – that’s the message of GruvMet’s design. The helmet’s main feature – its built in speakers that allow you to listen to music while you bike through the trails. The GruvMet is compatible with Bluetooth – you have a total choice on the kind of music you want to go blasting while you’re shredding. The helmet also comes with a touch button for calls so you can take important calls if you need to.

The GruvMet comes with 11 hole ventilations so you can keep feeling fresh and airy while you’re pedaling. The premium molding design makes the helmet ‘hug’ your head. It comes with adjustable straps therefore can fit whatever head circumference you have.

The GruvMet works for different bikers – it can deliver safety for a mountain biker, a road cyclist, or a biker who is just strolling down on the road.

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We must not compromise safety in the name of fun. In fact, we can enjoy more excitement when we take certain safety precautions. When using a bicycle or a motorbike, protecting the head is top priority. For us, keeping your head safe is important. Each of the helmets featured here are guaranteed to deliver safety so you can drive your bikes and motorcycles with a feeling of safety and protection.

Never compromise safety. With these top picks, you can prevent critical accidents from altering your life.