The Top 3 Pickleball Paddles to Buy in 2022

David Jones, Contributor Updated: Feb 8th, 2022

You’ve stumbled upon our review because you’re looking for the best paddles for your pickleball games. Whether you’re choosing paddles for your casual games, or you’re actually looking for one to help you win your competitions, we understand that choosing the best paddles take time. With all the pickleball paddles offered in the market, it’s not a breeze to choose one. 

Our team of pickleball players and fans took the time to go through the popular offerings on the market and review them one by one to help other players and pickleball enthusiasts find an impressive racquet in no time. 

Read on to know what experts and our review team recommend. 

What to Look for in a Pickleball Paddle

So.. what makes a pickleball paddle great? Some would say it’s the design, while some would insist the material matters the most. 

To help us determine what to find first before making the splurge for paddles, we asked professional pickleball players and coaches! 

Here are a few of the must-haves of a great pickleball paddle. 

First, it should have a weight that’s ideal for you. 

Although weight is not the end all be all for pickleball paddles, it will help players in maneuvering the paddle with ease and without the risk of shoulder and arm pain. 

Second, the materials should support the paddle’s performance. 

Next, check for the materials used for the paddle. Experts suggest going for paddles made from fiberglass and honeycomb design. 

Third, it should be ergonomic. 

Your grip on your pickleball paddle should allow you to swing, smack, and strike with ease. Having a painful grip at the end of the day can surely be avoided with an ergonomically-designed paddle. 

Out of all the paddles we’ve reviewed, these are the top 3 that stood out. 

A pro for the pros! Now if you really want to be on top of your pickleball games and win every competition you’re in, your best partner is the NaveSmax. Check out below why we’re all about it. 

First, we love its cover – carbon fibers! What’s exciting about this is that carbon fibers are known to really help players paddle with force. In fact, this paddle is USAPA approved – we’ve heard pros love NaveSmax. 

Another plus for this paddle is its strong honeycomb core that can totally control the speed and angling of the ball. 

Players who are all about exerting their full effort will find that they can paddle without the pain with NaveSmax’ ultra cushion grip. We love how comfortable it is to play with the NaveSmax. 

If durability is one of your non-negotiable criteria, NaveSmax should be under your radar. The paddle features an ultra cushion grip that will deliver utmost comfort while you play your game. 

Great for pickleball players of all levels.

Recommended Features

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The durable CarxoQuet boasts of a 7-ply wood material that delivers both impact-efficiency, and force. With one paddle, you can have total control where you want the ball to go, and the force coming from the paddle. 

The CarxoQuet is top notch when it comes to ergonomic features. The comfortable grip of the CarxoQuet can elevate your swings by making your swings more comfortable to make. 

This impressive racquet is trusted by professionals – many pro players trust and recommend the CarxoQuet for actual competitions. 

Thanks to its honeycomb core, the CarxoQuet doesn’t skimp on providing you the power in every swing. 

This paddle also includes carbon fiber to help you have more control in your paddles and swings. 

Great gift for big fans of pickleball games. 

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"Very Good"

Are you looking for a pickleball paddle that can help you move with speed and precision? Do you want a lightweight paddle that helps you win your pickleball games? We recommend the SmashSmix. 

The first thing that drew us to SmashSmix is the fact that it is trusted by pros. The best pickleball paddles are easy to use and powerful – and SmashSmix really stood out to our team of product reviewers. 

The SmashSmix is also USAPA approved so if you’re looking for a pickleball paddle that gets the high rating and approval from professional players, you can trust the SmashSmix. 

With a premium grip, an ideal size for all types of players, the SmashSmix is not intimidating or hard to use – even beginners can add this on their must-haves list. 

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"Very Great"


Pickle paddle becomes more fun and exciting with the right tools. The products we mentioned above can make a whole lot of difference to your games.