Top 3 Best Airless Paint Spray to Buy in 2022 for All Your Painting Projects

David Jones, Contributor Updated: Apr 2nd, 2022

You already have it all – the painting project, the skill, the painting equipment. Now, you’re just looking for an excellent airless paint spray to help you complete the project with impeccable finesse. There’s no denying that airless paints sprays are all over the market. The question for most painters remains: what really are the best airless paint sprays to buy this 2022. 

Fortunately, we have the answer. Our group made up of painters, creatives, contractors, and DIY folks jumped to come up with a review of the most recommended airless paints sprays in 2022. If you’re interested to know what products these are, read on. 

First of All, What Makes an Airless Paint Spray Great? 

For this review, our main objective is to not just give you a list of products to buy – we make sure you understand why. 

To help us narrow down our choices, we asked the help of professional painters, DIY enthusiasts, and hardware sales people on things we need to consider before making the splurge on paint sprays. 

Here are some of their recommendations. 

Look for spray paint with a powerful motor. 

The power of your paint spray’s motor can determine the speed, distribution, and opacity of the paint that will be applied to your project. A powerful motor can help you create a project quickly and efficiently. 

Choose an airless paint spray with a large capacity. 

Opt for an airless paint spray that can cater a large amount of paint so you can enjoy a seamless, continuous painting session. 

The performance of the product should be adjustable. 

The best way to get the bang for your buck is to find an airless paint spray that can be adjusted for multiple painting projects. 

Airless paint sprays with ergonomic designs are excellent. 

Save yourself from dealing with hand sprain and aches from hours of painting. Ergonomically-designed airless paint sprays are the answer. 

Out of all the recommendations and considerations, these are the top 3 products that surely stood out! 

So.. you’re looking for a heavy duty spray paint. One that can cater to a liter of paint, and can blast off paint efficiently. Our top recommendation? The AeroSplash. 

AeroSplash comes strong with its powerful motor that allows you to achieve the painting finesse you’re looking for. The paint gun comes with adjustable nozzles to allow you to get different opacities, paint intensities, and speed. 

The AeroSplash helps you make really fast painting strokes – and you can do them in a manner that is clean and even. 

If you’re looking for an airless paint spray gun that’s durable and hard to break, you’ll definitely find it in aerosplash. This paint gun is made with tough materials – you can go on with your rough projects without wondering if your airless electric paint gun will endure. 

You can have total control on the spraying angle, the speed of the paint, and the flow of the liquid. Since multiple projects require different settings, the AeroSplash can make the job easier. 

The AeroSplash is compatible with acrylic, latex, water-based paints, and diluted paints.

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Are you venturing into a painting project that will require you to finish it fast? Do you look for speed when it comes to paint sprays? Our recommendation is TinteeJet. 

The TinteeJet uses hydraulic pressure instead of air. This enables the product to really deliver painting intensity that can cover the spots and areas fast. The power of the TinteeJet works 8x faster than traditional brushes. 

Apart from its speed, TinteeJet also comes with 3 spray options that allow you to match it to various projects. You can spray paint in a circular, horizontal, and vertical way. 

The TinteeJet can blast off paint as much as 700ml/minute. 

The barrier spray gun can increase the spray rate into 2. Trigger control and adjustable valve knob allows you to control the paint flow accurately. 

Great gift for professional and DIY painters. 

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Are you a big DIY fan? Do you prefer to do things your way so you won’t have to spend a lot of money on services that might be below your standards? We highly recommend the VariPoz. 

The VariPoz comes with a high volume paint container that can cater up to 1000ml of paint substances. This design is coupled with a powerful motor that can deliver a fast and even distribution of the paint. What we love about the VariPoz is its dual nozzles – it can cater to various painting projects easily. 

Wondering about adjustments to paint flow and intensity? The VariPoz comes with adjustable features to help you find a setting compatible for your project. 

If you value speed, the VariPoz can be your best choice. The product guarantees a 3x speed compared to traditional paint brushes. 

If you’re looking for a great gift for yourself, or for anyone who loves to DIY, the VariPoz is highly recommended.

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The paint on your project is like the cherry on top – you should never settle for less. With these airless paint sprays, you can achieve clean, precise, and fast painting!