3 Best Inflatable Pools to Buy for Summer 2022 to Cool Down Your Cranky Kids

David Jones, Contributor Updated: Apr 5th, 2022

Let’s face it: kids can’t handle hot temperatures very well. And as 2022 is predicted to be one of the hottest on record — this year’s summer heat will undoubtedly turn more cranky and agitated kids. So if you’re looking for a practical way to cool them down, inflatable pools are the perfect tool to lessen all the whining you’re bound to face (well, unless you want to keep cranking your AC and your electric bill running).

But with all the options out there, it can be tricky to know which one’s to buy. You want to hit the sweet spot, not trigger a dumpster fire. So to save you from making a big mistake in buying your kid’s inflatable pool, we’ve reviewed over 50 products on the market to determine the PERFECT inflatable pool to buy for Summer 2022. And out of all the products tested, these 3 inflatable pools are the absolute standouts.

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The size, ease, and quality are the main selling points why we picked SUMMAFUN as our #1. This one is made of tear-proof PVC materials that withstand all wear and tear. In fact, it’s so durable that it can survive the rough conditions of your backyard and even dog scratches. Each product is puncture-tested to ensure it’s delivered in pristine condition, so you’re assured that the fun starts once you receive the package!

Of course, the other details set this inflatable pool apart from the rest. It features 3 independent air chambers that make inflating less of a pain. Once you lay it down flat on the ground, connect your electric pump (not included), and wait for 3 to 5 minutes until the chambers are fully inflated. And it’s not one of those inflatable pools that you need to keep inflating now and then. It holds air longer — keeps it tight for days so that you don’t have to keep repeating setting up your pool.

Although the SUMMAFUN is marketed towards kids, its size is suitable for the entire family to enjoy. The materials used are even skin-friendly, so you and your kids are safe against allergens that would dampen the fun. And once you’re done using the pool, you can quickly drain the water via the drainage port located at the bottom.

So overall, the SUMMAFUN Inflatable Pool is undoubtedly the best buy for this summer. Everyone can enjoy it. Whether you need a quick dip to free yourself from all your kids’ whining or create a fun activity for the entire family to enjoy this summer — it’s the PERFECT pool for the job!

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Whether it’s for your highly active kids or a pool to fit a family of 6, the RISODIP is the perfect one for the job. At 120” x 72” x 21” (L*W*H*), this inflatable pool is the best for all your splash fights and even solo dips, giving you that all-summer-fun-vibe anytime.

But its size isn’t the only great thing — it’s also one of the most durable to boot. Its extra-thick PVC materials can reduce the risks of punctures or tear from excessive use. And the 3 air chambers also create that extra durability that won’t deflate after 30 minutes (which is usually the case with most inflatable pools on the market). It holds air tightly regardless of how intense your pool noodle fight is and secured even when you’re done for the day.

For such a budget-friendly price, the RISODIP is the best there is. It’s lead-free, BPA-free, and exceeds international toy standards for safe use. It’s also quick to inflate and drain, so you won’t get those sunburns before the fun starts. And no matter how aggressive your kids’ turnout during pool time, this inflatable pool assures your peace of mind — no choking or hazards (of course, adult supervision is required).

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Here’s another inflatable pool that knows precisely what you and your family need. The POOLIGENIX comes in a perfect size and is built to support all sorts of fun. Like most high-quality pools, this one is also made with thick PVC materials that can reduce the risks of puncturing or tearing. The company even claims its pool is 2X thicker than most inflatable pools on the market, so you know your at-home water-splashing is in good hands.

The POOLIGENIX can fit 2 adults and about 3 to 5 kids all in one go. It’s spacious and comes in a perfect depth that can really turn up the fun. The sidewalls are durable, too, so you can lounge while your kids play in the water (and it feels good). 

What makes the POOLIGENIX an excellent choice in this category is its flexibility. It can be set up anywhere and takes only a few minutes to inflate through an electric pump (not included). It also features individual air chambers for extra durability, so you don’t have to keep refilling the air every time your kids turn wild.

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The Rundown

Inflatable pools are a great way to beat the heat this summer. They’re quick to set up and deliver the same amount of fun as public pools. But for you to make the most out of it, you MUST make sure what you’re dealing with is quality. So to guide you in choosing your inflatable pool, here are a few considerations before buying:

Durability is Key: An excellent inflatable pool does not easily puncture. Just like the SUMMAFUN Inflatable Pool, opting for something made of thick PVC materials with individual air chambers can prevent the risks of puncturing or tearing regardless of how aggressive or intense your kids play in the water. 

Size: Of course, you want to fit the entire family for cooling down this summer. Hence, a decent-sized inflatable pool that could hold 3 to 6 is perfect for supporting all sorts of fun in the water. This size is ideal to fit everyone in and ensure it won’t feel crowded whenever you and your family take a dip.

Kid-proofed: Since kids love to splash around the water, it is essential to go for pools that are up to the standards for safe use. Knowing that your inflatable is BPA-free, lead-free, and certified for kids’ safety can give you peace of mind.


All the products we highlighted in this review have passed all our criteria for testing. They come in the perfect size, are of excellent quality, and are 100% safe for kids to play around with. Our reviewers gave them two thumbs up, so you know that you and your family will enjoy every moment spent dipping in the comfort of your home.