Summer Essentials - The Best Kiddie Pools to Buy in 2022

David Jones, Contributor Updated: Jan 28th, 2022

Whether it’s to quench the heat, or to make lasting memories for kids, kiddie pools are always great investments. They’re fun, they’re easy to install, and they can be enjoyed by everyone. If you’re still looking for the best pools for kids for your little tykes, we got you. In this review, we feature the top 3 best kiddie pools to make your summer adventures extra fun.

How We Decided

As parents ourselves, we understand why choosing a kiddie pool can be a difficult task. We can’t just pick out random pool options in the market. There’s the safety issue, the size concern, and the qualms on quality. With all the shiny, attractive pools to choose from, how do we choose the best?

We asked the pool experts, safety officers, and other parents for essential tips in picking the best kiddie pools.

According to our research, here are some factors to consider:


Your pool should be an investment you can use for a long time. You can’t afford to spend bucks on a pool that will just break after one use. When choosing the best pools for kids, choose one that has already made a mark for its durability.

Safety Features

Let’s admit it – kids just love to play. They aren’t big on safety, so it’s up to us to make sure the pool we get is safe for the kids’ age and height.


Are you going to use the pools for parties? Is it simply going to be a pool for the family? If you’re catering to cousins and neighbors, it’s important to be particular with size.

Out of all the suggestions we have received, and the products we personally tested and reviewed, here are the top 3 kiddie pools that stood out most.

Are your kids longing for a dip in the pool but you’re hesitant to go because of safety measures? Do you want to give your kids a pool but you’re still not ready for the time and money you’re going to invest? Give your whole family the instant pool satisfaction with the CoolBurst inflatable kiddie pool.

The CoolBurst features a compact design that will prevent water from spilling on the ground. It has enough depth to be enjoyed by parents and kids alike! The CoolBurst comes with three sizing options that work well for toddlers, bigger kids, teens, and adults.

You don’t have to worry about the CoolBurst toppling over – it has a solid, thick base that keeps the pool up. You can spend hours here and your pool will still stand upright.

The CoolBurst is made with high-quality PVC material that makes the pool not so prone to leaks, and punctures. You can go for an all out fun in the pool without worrying about breaking the pool.

Key Features

Editor's Pick




Do you have rowdy kids and you’re worried they would just break the pool with all their antics? For a pool that can withstand the jumping, bouncing, and splashing of your kids, we recommend the SnazzyKiddy.

The SnazzyKiddy has an impressive pool design that makes the pool look like it’s floating in the air. This is perfect for both adults and kids. It offers the right depth that’s acceptable for adults and safe for kids.

The SnazzyKiddy is also made with high-quality vinyl plastic that makes the pool less vulnerable to tears and punctures. You can be assured that this pool will last for a long, long time.

This pool saves you time and effort – the easy inflation technology of the pool allows you to fill it up with air in less than 5 minutes!

Safe for backyard parties, summer-themed birthday events, and summer family fun.

Key Features



"Very Good"

We know the struggle of setting up backyard pools – all the inflation, and the difficulty of storing them. If you want a pool you can easily set up, we recommend the Poolaloza backyard kiddie pool.

Unlike classic backyard pools, the Poolaloza is made from PVC material. This means you can simply fold and store. No need for pool inflation. The Poolaloza also comes with fascinating designs that will get your kids excited to jump into the pool.

We love how this can hold up water efficiently. Be careful though – because it doesn’t have enough elasticity, it can be prone to breakage once it gets a strong impact. The good news is that the Poolaloza already comes with a repair package so you can fix any pool issue that might come.

Key Features





Summer calls for outdoor fun – and outdoor activities are made better with durable, enjoyable kiddie pools. Outdoor kiddie pools are a fun addition to your summer events, birthday parties, family gatherings, and play dates.

Only put your buck to a pool that is worth the investment. Check out our recommendations above to get some of the most trusted pools in the market.