Pool Fun:The Top 5 Best Pool Chairs That Can Make Pool Activities Fun

David Jones, Contributor Updated: Apr 6th, 2022

Pools are a big hit during the summer. There will be days when you just want nothing but jump into a pool to cool down. But there will also be times when you simply want to float around in the water. No swimming, no splashing – just chilling on a floatie or a pool chair. If you’re here because you’ve been on a hunt for the best pool chairs to get this summer, you’re in the right place. Our team of summer aficionados will feature 5 pool chairs for your summer activities!

How We Decided

There are a couple of pools in the market, and it’s easy to feel confused as to what to buy. Should you go for the design alone? How do you ensure you’ll be comfortable while you’re on the water?

Our team loves all things summer – from inflatable pools, to floaties, to easy-to-install sprinklers. This is why when we heard about the pool chair, we couldn’t help but hop into the trend. We tried it out and we loved it.

To cut you some headache, we went into a little project to try out the best floaties chairs based on the recommendation of summer fans just like us.

Here are some pointers we learned along the way on how to choose the best pool chair for this summer.


Sure, affordability matters, but the money you’ve saved can’t do much when you’re dealing with a pool chair that’s too small for your height and weight. One of the ways to choose the best pool chairs is to actually go for one that can cater all sizes of people. 


An inflatable pool chair that deflates out of nowhere is not just a total bummer – it’s also a safety hazard for those who don’t know how to swim. Durability should be a major must-have of the product of your choice.


We go to the pool to relax, not to endure the exhausting discomfort of inflatable chairs. Your chair of choice should be comfortable enough to help you relax and unwind without worrying if your pool chair is safe enough.

Out of all the products we have reviewed, here are the top 5 pool chairs that stood out.

If you’re a multitasker, you have probably felt that you can’t do so much on an ordinary floatie. Are you looking for a pool float chair that feels like an actual chair? Look no further – we recommend the H2Splash for you.

H2Splash comes with a fun design that will help you achieve the sit-down position while on the water. It’s flexible – therefore, can cater to whatever height and size.

The float chair features a sturdy, non-fading, durable design that guarantees better pool days for a long, long time. This floatie includes an ergonomic design that prevents you from toppling over. Relaxation is possible as the H2Splash comes with an arm and back rest.

The H2Splash is a must-have for outings, and summer vacations. Thanks to its deflatable and inflatable feature of this floatie chair, you can easily bring it without having to worry about losing too much space. This pool chair is a summer item both kids and adults will love!

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




Pool sessions are best for groups, so it can get a little frustrating when we have to use separate floaties to have some fun. If you want to hangout in the pool as a group, we recommend the SumFloaty party chair.

SumFloaty is a huge deal. Like, literally huge! Its humongous design can fit in up to 4 people. This inflatable pool chair makes sure you continue with your conversations with your closest friends!

The SumFloaty features an ultra durable PVC material that can hold up to 220 lbs. It has a mesh bottom that will leave you supported and comfortable. The pool floatie chair comes with handles to keep you safe at all times.

You can do so many things with the SumFloaty – you can lie down on it when you’re alone, and you can hang out together with up to 6 friends.

The floatie chair has a 2-way locking system, the SumFloaty allows you to easily inflate and deflate the pool floaties with an electric pump. This summer must-have is easy to carry around – a perfect item to bring for group outings and family vacations.

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"Very Good"

Do you wonder what it is like to lie down on a hammock…on the water? Wonder no more because one of our favorite products will help you experience that. The PoolRama 4-in-1 inflatable pool float chair is what we recommend if what you want is a full-on relaxation mode on the water.

The PoolRama comes in an impressive design – two sturdy floaties hold the intricately woven fabric you can lie down on. It’s designed like a hammock on the water! The PoolRama can help you feel like you’re floating freely in the water.

It can be used in 4 ways – for lying down, for sitting up, as a drifter, and as an exercise saddle.

The PoolRama comes with a secured valve enclosure for its floaties to make sure that no float chair will lose air during your pool sessions.

This fun, creative, and relaxing pool chair can cater to all adult sizes. If you simply want to lie down in the pool and relax, the PoolRama is a top choice.

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"Very Great"

Are you also one of those people who wish they could completely lie down in the pool? The Cool n Cliq 59-inch inflatable pool float chair comes with feasible size to make this wish possible.

At first glance, the most impressive feature of the Cool n Clique is its length. The 59-inch pool floatie can cater to whatever height. With its impressive width, you can comfortably lie down for relaxation, and sunbathing sessions.

The Cool n’ Cliq also includes a holder for beer, glass, or canned treats and drinks to let you enjoy your refreshments while floating.

Did we mention this inflatable pool chair is Instagram-worthy, too?

If you like spending time in the pool without actually dipping your body in the water, this handy, durable, and ergonomic floatie is a great option.

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Do you want to have a fancy floatie while you’re relaxing in the pool and on the beach? You can be the fanciest person on the pool with the DiaSplash.

The DiaSplash has a stand out feature – it is designed to resemble a diamond. We all have those moments when we want to feel extra. This floatie supports that. But the DiaSplash is not just serving looks, it’s one of the ultimate relaxation pick this summer.

The diamond head rest allows you to relax without straining your back. It’s made with durable PVC material which prevents the floatie from having accidental punctures.

This comes as a perfect pool accessory if you’re celebrating a summer-themed bridal shower, engagement party, wedding, or an anniversary celebration.

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Pools are places of relaxation – here, you can unwind, relax, and enjoy downtimes. With the help of inflatable pool chairs, you can totally savor every second of your pool sessions. Sometimes, lying on a floatie and feeling the gentle ripples of the pool is actually better than swimming. Relax to the fullest during your pool sessions with our top recommendations for chair floaties.

Each product is personally tested and reviewed. You can be assured that what we feature here will never let you down.