2022 Top 5 Best Kayak Seats for Your Next Kayaking Trip

David Jones, Contributor Updated: Feb 18th, 2022

A kayak seat is an integral part of the kayaking experience. These kayak seats can make or break your day on the water – when they’re too uncomfortable, you might be too tired to continue your kayaking journey for the day. However, when a kayak seat is good, offers great back and buttock support, and is 100% comfortable, you can enjoy longer, more carefree moments in the water – and isn’t that what kayaking days should be?

A kayaking seat must be two things: one, it should offer you all day back support, and two, it should help your bum feel as comfortable as it should be since you’re going to be exerting a ton of effort in paddling. Most kayaking seats come as simple cushions, while others are designed with a back support board to keep exhaustion at bay.

This review will explore the best kayaking seats in the market, and which seats for kayaking and paddleboarding should be your choice according to your paddling style and needs.

KoraFlaz is a durable, EVA-foam seat which provides comfort and ergonomic support. The KoraFlaz makes kayaking less stressful and exhausting on the back. The seat comes with extra soft cushioning that delivers total comfort on the buttocks and the back. Solid, rust-proof buckles keep the seat in place so you can receive undeterred support while you’re paddling on the water.


The KoraFlaz also offers an additional storage back where you can place your kayaking essentials. The seat is waterproof – so the last thing you’re going to worry about is enduring sitting down on a wet, soggy seat!

The KoraFlaz offers total convenience with its easy-to-install feature.

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The DeluxeCush is a great kayak seat for anyone looking for a seat that supports both the bum and the back. If there is a kayaking seat that will make you say “Ahhhh!” — this is it.

DeluxeCush is not just about the comfort – it’s also about ergonomics, durability, and usability. The seat is made from an ultra-durable PVC material that can stand the harsh water components, and the test of time. The seat can stand the action! You get the overall support that will help you paddle harder without the discomfort.

If you’re worried about having to stay in soaked seats, the DeluxeCush has got you covered. It’s made from easy-to-dry, breathable oxford fabric that will save you from having to sit down in a wet, cold kayak seat for hours.

The DeluxeCush fits kayaks of all sizes. If your kayak is too small, don’t worry – the seat comes with adjustable features that will help you achieve the most convenient setting!

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A seat that can be folded like a bag – this is the standout feature of the KyoPad. You can literally fold it, carry it everywhere you go, use it on a kayak, or on a camping site. Basically, the most versatile seat for kayaking junkies out there.

KyoPad is not just portable, it’s actually made to stand the test of water, impact, and time – it’s a kayaking investment that’s definitely going to last a long, long time. This seat is low maintenance, but definitely not low-performance. It’s made from 600d ripstop nylon – aka, one of the most durable nylon materials out there. It’s anti slip, stuffed with a comfy foam, and comes with sturdy straps that ensures your seat won’t give away when you’re in the action.

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Bringing a comfy chair to your kayak may sound ridiculous – but not for the BrahmJoz creators. Every time you look at the BrahmJoz seat, you will remember those comfortable picnic chairs that offer the utmost comfort in every outdoor trip. Now imagine having that on your kayak, and think about the difference it would make for your kayaking trip!

The BrahmJoz is a foldable, multi-function kayak that offers total support for your back and bum. It’s incredibly sturdy – you won’t feel slouched down when you have a paddle. If taking slow paddles and relaxation is part of your kayaking itinerary, this is the best seat – you can stretch, lean back, and enjoy a soothing break while on the BrahmJoz.

The seat is 180-degree adjustable so you will always find a comfy setting no matter your size. The materials are also breathable and lightweight – they save you from having to deal with wet, heavy seats on your kayaking ride.

Oh, and did we mention that BrahmJoz is multi-purpose? If you’re going on a kayaking trip that requires an overnight camp, you can also use the BrahmJoz as your camping chair. Pretty impressive, right?

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The AquaPov is for every SUP fanatic who wants to fully enjoy their paddleboarding experience. Paddling with all your might can take its toll. Let’s face it – paddleaboarding is an EXHAUSTING experience. Sometimes, you would just want to take a break. Based on our review, the AquaPov is an accessory that can help SUP fans combine sightseeing, adventure, and relaxation in one.

The AquaPov comes with a high backseat design that allows paddleboarders to lean back and relax without losing their balance. Secured by 4 buckles, the AquaPov is firm and sturdy allowing you to take a break without worrying about falling down. The 1-inch foam offers just the right amount of comfort for the back. The mesh slot makes it possible to carry additional items without another bag.

The seat is multipurpose – it can be used both for kayaks and paddleboards.

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Kayaking and paddleboarding can take a toll on backs – and bums – that could have serious effects in the long run. Protecting your back from impact and extreme exhaustion can enable you to enjoy kayaking for a longer time. When you have these best kayaking seats, you can alleviate exhaustion, introduce comfort, and find satisfaction in your kayaking trip like never before.

These kayaking seats are personally tested and reviewed, so you can be assured that each kayaking accessory listed here are guaranteed to deliver the support and comfort your back and bum will be needing in your entire kayaking trip.

The items listed here are 100% versatile – you can use them in kayaks and on paddleaboards.