Top 3 Best Handheld Electric Paint Sprayers to Buy in 2022 According to Painters and Paint Technicians

David Jones, Contributor Updated: Jul 8th, 2022

Before innovation in painting machines emerged, painting surfaces and objects was a rigorous job. You must spend hours painstakingly covering unpainted spots in the most careful, time-consuming way possible. 

Thankfully, paint sprayers came to the spotlight! 

With more and more cordless paint sprayers coming out every year, it’s sometimes hard to choose which ones are really worth every penny… 

…or the ones that won’t leave us feeling disappointed. 

To find out which cordless paint spray guns are worth the splurge this 2022, we decided to review the market’s most popular, bestselling cordless paint sprayers. For two weeks, we tested these tools – we used them on the usual home projects, for re-painting tasks, and to paint large-scale walls. 

You can be assured we picked out the best – paint technicians and actual painters were included in our team of reviewers. 

Read more to find out which products made it to the list! 

Are you looking for a paint sprayer ideal for home and commercial use? Our top recommendation is HaloxoPaint! 

The HaloxoPaint is easy to use – even beginners will not struggle to assemble and operate this paint sprayer. 

Power-wise, we can attest that HaloxoPaint delivers. The powerful motor allows a concentrated blast of color that helps you to cover a broader area in just a short amount of time. 

The HaloxoPaint comes with three spray patterns. Our review team can’t help but express how convenient painting is when you can quickly adjust the nozzle. Just a few adjustments, and you’ll be able to set the spray pattern from vertical, horizontal, to circular. 

We love how the HaloxoPaint also comes with customizable flow control that you can conveniently set for both small and big painting jobs. 

All in all, the HaloxoPaint can handle up to 800-ml of paint on one go. 

The HaloxoPaint has a wide scope of application. You can use spray oil or water-based materials such as chalk type paint, milk paint, latex paints, enamels, primers, clear sealer, polyurethane, stain, and varnish with ease. 

Cleaning the HaloxoPaint is a breeze. Simply place it on running water to remove initial paint residue. 

You don’t have to worry about mobility with the HaloxoPaint. This portable paint sprayer has a long power cord that allows you to move without feeling restricted. 

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Our team rated the MexuMix high for its versatile, multipurpose design. One of the paint experts in the group said, “If you are looking for an all-around paint sprayer for both big and small projects, get the MexuMix.” 

MexuMix comes with three adjustable spray patterns – circular, horizontal, and vertical. Apart from an interchangeable spray pattern, the MexuMix also allows you to change paint spray intensity depending on your current painting project. 

Speed is in the design of the MexuMix. This paint sprayer can blast off 800 ml of paint per minute, making it eight times faster than paint rollers. You can also change the painting intensity based on your preference. 

The industrial-grade 500W motor is ideal for anyone using a paint sprayer for paints, stains, and coatings. 

The high-capacity motor directly generates high pressure – you can use it even without an air compressor. 

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If you’re all about finding a speedy, efficient paint sprayer, we 100% recommend the UltraPalz. 

Our paint technicians were so impressed at how the UltraPalz could cover an area of 10 meters in just 5 minutes! A far cry compared to a job done with a paintbrush. 

The UltraPalz is fully adjustable. The paint sprayer has three adjustable paint patterns – circular, horizontal, and vertical – for different painting needs. 

Spray length can also be customized by rotating the nozzle. You can change painting styles just by changing the spray length. 

The UltraPalz also uses the HVLP technology – spray paint always leaves a clean, smooth, professional finish. The concentrated paint output is made possible by the high-power motor included in the UltraPalz. The same motor is also protected by a safety coat that prevents overheating. 

The paint viscosity has been adjusted to 120 D-ins  so you won’t have to worry about the paint bubbling and chiping after a while. 

The UltraPalz is 100% multipurpose – you can use acrylic, latex, chalk, and oil paint. The container can carry up to 800 ml.

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Painting jobs don’t just require precision – they also call for speed and quality application. A paint sprayer can give you the speed and finish that regular paint brushes and paint rollers can’t. 

Our recommendations above have been checked, tested, and rated by trusted and professional paint technicians. We assure you that our top picks above will be worth your trust and money.