The Top 3 Best Rechargeable Torch Lights for Outdoor Use to Buy in 2022

David Jones, Contributor Updated: Jun 8th, 2022

When you’re outdoors, there’s nothing more important than a reliable torch light that can illuminate your way, help you see potential threats and dangers, and make it possible for you to navigate dark areas safely. 

There is now a long list of available rechargeable torch lights in the market, but it’s often hard to choose which one to invest in for your outdoor adventures. Perhaps you’re just unsure which one to pick, or you’ve probably had a bad run with a torch light before. Whatever your circumstance, we believe that you deserve the best rechargeable torch lights. 

To help adventure junkies, outdoor aficionados, and those who need extraordinary lighting during the night for their jobs, we gathered a list of the best-performing rechargeable torch lights in the market today. 

Read on for the complete list. 

How We Decided

Your torch light is your co-pilot in going through dark, unfamiliar areas. For this reason, we made sure we only choose the torch lights considered ideal by hikers, trekkers, campers, adventure enthusiasts, security personnel, and safety experts. 

For two weeks, we put up to twenty torch lights to the test. We went all out by checking every detail of each flashlight. We were extra meticulous in checking if the torch light can: 

  • Illuminate a larger, wider range. 
  • Last up to 10 hours of use. 
  • Include a battery that isn’y easy to drain. 
  • Offer several lighting options appropriate for different circumstances. 
  • Stay solid even after falls and bumps. 
  • Stand the outdoor action. 
  • Stay working even after getting rained on, sprayed on, or soaked. 
  • Be used in multiple purposes. 

Fortunately, we were able to find three rechargeable torches that fit all the criteria above! What’s even better: even outdoor experts and safety geeks rave about them! 

Out of all the rechargeable torch lights we reviewed, these are the top 3 products that stood out.

What Experts Say: 

We consider the BrytLyt as a torch light we’d reach out to when we know we’re staying outdoors for a long time. If you’re going to travel to an unfamiliar place you’ve never charted before, it’s best to have the BrytLyt by your side. – Calvin and Mason, Camping Guides

What We Love About BrytLyt: 

Time to ditch your regular flashlights (no matter how big they are!) because the handy, lightweight BrytLyt can burst out up to 3000 lumens of light. Yes, that’s 10x brighter than regular, heavy-duty outdoor lights. 

We love that the BrytLyt not only offers intense illumination, but it can light up an area of up to 500 meters! The solid projection of light allows users to see even covered areas clearly without fading light.

The torchlight can also be zoomed up to 30x – a great feature if you want to scan a spot before proceeding. If safety is your non-negotiable, we’re sure BrytLyt can increase your safety and security in the wild by up to 80%!

Another feature that we love about this torchlight is its light mode options. There’s the low light mode if you want to save energy; the high-beam mode for foggy nights; and the strobe for nights when the weather and visibility are unpredictable. Other options include medium, and slow flash. 

This outdoor flashlight is 100% rechargeable. It only takes 3 hours to fill the battery which lasts up to 10 hours. 

Durability is in the design of the BrytLyt. The grip comes with a military-grade, non-slip design. The build of the BrytLyt is also durable. It can endure falls, bumps, and scratches. The waterproof feature also prevents the flashlight from bogging down even after getting soaked.

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




What Experts Say: 

Excellent torchlight for those who are looking for a lighting device that can give a wider range of illumination. The light from the SolaLuma is solid – you can see details clearly with its help. Great for anyone scanning an area of short distances. We love how this is beginner-friendly, and emergency-ready, too. Its solar features make it super convenient, too! – Caroline, Avid trekker

Why We Love the SolaLuma:

We get it – having a flashlight that works for an impressive amount of time is good, but we also acknowledge that finding a place to charge heavy-duty torchlights can be a challenge. The number one thing that drew us to the SolaLuma is the fact that you can charge it using the sun! 

The SolaLuma was also quite the stand-out when we were looking for torchlights with extra emergency features – it has red and blue lights for SOS and warning signals, and an extra side light when your main torch runs out of power. 

When turned on, the SolaLuma instantly offers solid illumination (no fading, no hazy lighting) that can light up an area of up to 500 meters and a radius of up to 4 meters! 

This torchlight also has multiple lenses, which means you get up to 3 kinds of illumination – a pinpoint light, and 2 lights with a wider scope. 

The SolaLuma is 100% rechargeable – you only need the sun to power it. Charging it is super simple – just expose to the sun – and you’re all good. We love how it can make charging time easier for loaded adventurers. 

The charging time for the SolaLuma is only 3 hours. When fully charged, the battery can last up to 6 hours. 

The SolaLuma also comes with an IP44 waterproof feature to protect your torch from breaking down after getting wet. 

Key Features




Although not as heavy-duty as other adventure torchlights, the MyxoBeam is an ideal pick for anyone who is looking for a handy, portable lighting device that’s great for a quick trip in the dark outdoors. I see this as a reliable option for security purposes, an emergency light when needed, an extra torchlight for a quick scan of the outdoors, or a light you can keep in your car, cabinets, and office drawers. – Valyx, Safety Expert

What We Love About the MyxoBeam: 

Right off the bat: portability. The MyxoBeam combines portability and efficiency so well. This small, lightweight torchlight can give out up to 1200 lumens of light. Once turned on, you get an instant burst of straight, solid light that can extend up to 100 meters. 

If you’re an adventure junkie who isn’t a big fan of bulky torchlights, and you’re just looking for a highly-reliable lighting device that you can just stick on your molle suit, the MyxoBeam is for you. With the MyxoBeam, you get up to three and a half hours of light with just an hour of charging. 

MyxoBeam – despite its size – also has multiple lighting options that will help you find brightness appropriate for your circumstances. 

The MyxoBeam also comes with a military-grade design; the grip is solid, and the build of rechargeable torchlight is extra durable. 

Key Features



"Very Good"


Having a torchlight that allows you to navigate the dark safely can increase your confidence, safety, and enjoyment when you’re outdoors. Don’t just settle for regular flashlights – you deserve a torchlight that won’t leave you hanging in the dark in a place you’re totally unfamiliar with. 

With our suggested products above, we can assure you that your outdoor trips – even while in darkness – won’t make you feel lost, scared, or frustrated! Check out our list above – these torchlights won’t let the darkness stop you from adventuring!