The Best Backpack Coolers You Should Get While Traveling in 2022, As Rated By The Experts!

David Jones, Contributor Updated: Feb 28th, 2022

With travel restrictions finally easing here and abroad, and with venues like beaches, parks, and mountains opening to the public once more, it’s no surprise that hikes and family getaways are back on everyone’s calendars. Yet are you really still going to lug that bulky ice cooler with you on your next trip? If you’re going on an uphill climb, or walking a long distance to reach your travel destination, it’s time you free yourself from this hassle and get a backpack cooler instead. When carrying around your food and drinks, the right backpack cooler will help keep your items at the right temperature, while also keeping the weight on your back and hips evenly distributed, so you feel comfortable while you bring them to where you’re going. Below, here’s a look at the top backpack coolers you should get in 2022, as selected by our travel experts!

How We Came Up With Our List

Capacity & Weight: When you want to bring plenty for your next trip, you’ll want a spacious bag with plenty of pockets and compartments to keep them in, whether in front or inside. This will also make lugging it around easier, as more pockets means that when you bump into things, it would be less likely that any food or liquids would spill.

Insulation: A backpack cooler with thick insulation means your food won’t easily spoil, as it will keep away heat from the outside, and maintain the coolness from the inside.

Easy Access: While traveling, you’ll want a backpack cooler with easy-to-open zippers, as well as wide openings that make it convenient if you need to grab something quickly along the way.

Durability of Materials: We chose backpack coolers made of materials that can best withstand the elements, as well as natural wear and tear. As a tip, we recommend getting one that’s waterproof to keep the contents of your bag truly protected while you’re on the go.

With its overall design, the Marksmeier Backpack Cooler is at the top of our list, inspired by German craftsmanship and engineering, making it an easy-to-carry, lightweight, but spacious bag (at a roomy 18L) for any trip. Digging deeper into its details, apart from its excellent insulated cooling we found some excellent stitching on its fabric, making it highly resistant to tears and rips that you won’t want to encounter while you’re on your way to your camping site or the beach. So when you’re about to pack for your picnic, no need to worry about anything spilling or leaking, as the Marksmeier Backpack Cooler literally has your back.

Recommended Features

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Need a backpack cooler you can bring for long drives or hikes under scorching hot weather? If it’s the beach or the desert you’re going to, you can easily rely on the American Outback 18L Backpack Cooler, which our experts rate 5 stars for its elevated cooling technology. Indeed, inside and out, it’s a fortress made to keep your food and refreshments safe and cool, with durable PVC fabric on its exterior, and aluminum lining and double-layer PEVA insulated fabric on its interior. Just insert some ice packs, and your drinks and packed meals will feel a lasting chill for up to 16 hours. No need to use any bulky coolers again, when you can simply pack the American Outback 18L Backpack Cooler for your upcoming summer roadtrip. 

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Going on a less challenging trip – like to the park, or a family reunion, and you need to bring lots of food for everyone who’s coming? Then you’ll find the ICEVENTURES Backpack Cooler to be an ideal companion, as it can carry more of your food and drinks (even holding up to 30 cans!) thanks to its smart dual compartment design. That’s not all. It’s got the right pockets to carry everything from spoons, forks, to can openers and other utensils – as well as some for your extra snacks, too. Zip it open and you’ll see a wide range of compartments made for the ultimate picnic. Still, even if you pack it at full capacity, it won’t ever be too much of a burden, as it’s made to be lightweight, fitted with breathable mesh straps so you can carry it for longer if needed.

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When you’re looking for a no-frills option to carry with you on that next journey, another versatile option we recommend is the Portland Stream MOUNTAIN + SUN Backpack Cooler. Great for both long hikes and leisurely getaways, it’s highly praised for having plenty of compartments to store all of your essentials in, whether it’s your food, your valuables, or other travel must-haves. This includes compartments such as a large insulated space to keep your meals and beverages safe and sound, as well as a small front pocket where you can store (and easily reach) non-food items. Indeed, with its simplified design, the Portland Stream MOUNTAIN + SUN Backpack Cooler leaves you more room to focus on that hike, or just enjoy every moment of your laidback trip.

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When you’re planning to travel, and need a convenient, and easy-to-carry place to store all of your food, drinks, and other goodies, the right backpack cooler can prove to be the best option. Just look for one which is excellently stitched and insulated, and designed with plenty of room to store your items. That way, you’ll never have to lug a heavy, bulky traditional ice cooler ever again!