The Best Camping Chairs to Buy in 2022 - Number 1 is a Winner!

David Jones, Contributor Updated: Feb 8th, 2022

When asked what is one of the most common struggles of exploring outdoors, 7/10 enthusiasts answered “Finding the most comfortable position for resting.” The response made something clear: camping chairs are essential. 

Now you’re here – looking for the best camping chairs to buy in 2022. The ones you have seen so far don’t fit your taste. You’ve spent hours scouring the net for the perfect find but you only end up empty handed. 

The struggle is real. 

As outdoor lovers ourselves, we get you. We understand the struggle that comes with finding the camping chair with features for the outdoors. In our own journey of finding top-rated camping chairs for camping, fishing, hiking, and kayaking excursions, we asked the recommendations of seasoned outdoor enthusiasts to help us narrow down our list of choices to determine which are the most reliable, most versatile, most travel-friendly camping chairs. 

Read on to learn more about the foldable camping chairs that made it to our list. 

“The CampoLounge incorporates every aspect that makes a camping chair great – comfort, design, versatility, and portability. This camping seat is one I will travel with!” – Danny, Fishing Aficionado.

You know that feeling when you’re drawn to one product because it’s everything you need? That’s exactly what we felt when we saw and tried the CampoLounge. 

This foldable, portable chair for the outdoors has one promise: to bring comfort back to camping. 

Weight-wise, the CampoLounge is an easy-to-carry folding chair – it only weighs 13 pounds, or 6 kilograms. Despite its weight, it’s far from being flimsy. 

The chair comes with a heavy-duty steel frame that’s a beast when it comes to providing stability and support for the chair. The CampoLounge is tough – it can cater to up to 450 lbs of weight. 

Comfort is in this seat. The material used here is a 600x 300D padded oxford fabric. The chair also comes with a padded armrest for maximum relaxation. 

The ergonomic camping chair comes with just the right height to help you achieve optimum resting positions. 

While you are lounging, you can enjoy books, beer, and screen time. The CampoLounge has pockets and mesh slots that allow you to lounge around with your essentials. 

Traveling with the CampoLounge won’t feel like you’re having extra luggage. The foldable, collapsible design makes it a breeze to travel with. 

Best For: 

  • Beginner and professional campers. 
  • Hiking and trekking enthusiasts. 
  • Fishing and kayaking excursionist. 
  • Outdoor fans. 

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Editor's Pick




“The portability of the LeanStreen is its selling point. It’s the easiest to bring when traveling. The support and ergonomics that come with this camping chair are incredible, too.” – Marlo, Camping Expert

Are you eyeing a camping chair that is easy to bring anywhere? If you are searching for a foldable camp chair that you can use – and easily add –  for all your outdoor trips, we recommend the LeanStreen. 

Portability is one of the main features of LeanStreen. The entire camping chair only weighs less than a kilo or 2.1 lbs. The LeanStreen comes with a collapsible design which allows users to easily store it in a sling bag. The lightweight, ultra portable build of the LeanStreen makes it perfect for both outdoor adventures and regular in-the-park get togethers. This chair is also terrific for picnics, fishing, and beach trips. 

We love how the LeanStreen features a wider seat coverage which allows users to lounge comfortably without feeling too cramped up. The industrial materials that come with this travel-friendly camping chair impressed us. Despite its portable weight, the LeanStreen goes head-to-head with other chairs in durability. 

We are so impressed at how this lightweight chair can carry up to 113 kgs or 250 lbs of weight. The polyester material for this chair is tough, and breathable at the same time. 

If you are looking for a low-maintenance, travel-worthy camping chair for all your outdoor activities, we recommend the LeanStreen. 

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“LayTrek sets itself apart from the competition by providing more than the usual camping chairs. Its ergonomic design and detachable pillow makes it travel-worthy because it makes resting on the road more productive!” – Allen, Fishing Instructor

Are you one of those folks who sleep while sitting down? Are you looking for a chair that can help you lounge and sleep at the same time? We found that in LayTrek! 

LayTrek is a versatile, multipurpose outdoor folding chair that both camping and excursion enthusiasts will love. Even non-campers can use this as the LayTrek is also perfect as a picnic chair, beach chair, and backyard chair! 

LayTrek is an orthopedic recommended ergonomic camping chair which allows you to relax without risking yourself getting back and neck aches. 

Among all the products we reviewed, this is the most travel-friendly. It comes with a collapsible design, and the materials can easily be stored in a bag. 

We love the extra feature – a detachable pillow. When we tried resting on the chair, its ergonomic mold plus the additional neck and back support from the pillow made resting such a delight. The inclined design of the LayTrek also helped us relax better. 

The LayTrek doesn’t skimp on durability. We love how the chair has an aviation grade aluminum frame that not only provides stability and foundation to the chair, but makes it strong enough to handle up to 300 lbs of weight. 

The seat is made from polyester – a breathable fabric that holds up really well. The fabric is easy to clean and maintain. 

We are big fans of the LayTrek’s multipurpose design – not only can you use it for camping and outdoor excursions but you can also bring it to picnics and backyard events. 

Best For: 

  • Hikers and trekkers. 
  • Outdoor enthusiast. 
  • Those looking for reliable backyard chairs.

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Having a reliable chair for your trips makes traveling easier and more comfortable. Whether you’re getting a much needed break from action, or you just want to lounge and get comfortable in the outdoors, having durable but portable camping chairs can make a big difference. 

The search for the best camping chair ends here. Rated highly by experts and raved about by outdoor fans, our picks for the camping chairs to buy in 2022 are worth it!