The Best Camping Showers to Buy in 2022 for Better Washing Experience Outdoors

David Jones, Contributor Updated: Jan 8th, 2022

If you’ve ever embarked on a true camping experience where the most basic societal comforts are not available, you’ll probably know how uncomfortable it is to take a bath. Most campers and outdoor enthusiasts call camping baths “the most challenging.” With no heater or shower head around, it’s easy to opt for the nearest river. If you’re out of luck, you might opt to not take a bath at all. 

Camping showers are lifesavers. It’s amazing how one simple tool can redefine your entire camping experience. This is the reason why our team of avid campers went ahead and reviewed the most reliable, camping-worthy portable showers – to give other campers a better experience while they’re outdoors. 

If you’re looking for a camping shower to bring to your next camping trip, you just found the best place for it. In this review, we’re featuring the top 3 camping showers to buy in 2022. 

What to Look for in Camping Showers

First off – camping showers need not be super fancy; they just have to get the job done of helping you get a good bath when a usual bathroom is not available. 

Our team of campers and adventure fans tried and reviewed 20 top rated camping showers in the market to narrow down choices. They spent several days in the outdoors getting dirty as much as they can, and truly putting the portable camping showers to the test. 

The experience of our campers helped us come up with a quick list of qualities you should be looking for in camping showers. 


Camping showers are additional commodities so it should not feel like a burdensome item to bring. Find a camping shower that’s convenient enough and lightweight enough to carry anywhere so you won’t have to worry about additional space and load. 


Camping showers should be true to their name – they should be able to bring you a piece of bathroom comfort even if you’re out in the wild. Look for camping showers with a design that really makes outdoor bathing more convenient and comfortable – e.g. should include a showerhead for a hands-free bathing experience. 


We deal with more dirt and grub when we’re outside – a guarantee that you will need more water when you shower. Go for a portable shower that can handle enough water to give you the bath that leaves you  clean and refreshed. 


The outdoors is tough. Your camping shower will surely go through spots and areas where its durability is tested. Go for a camping shower that’s made to stand even the toughest of locations. 

Out of all the camping showers we reviewed, these 3 stood out the most. 

Love the convenience of camping showers but you hate carrying bulky bags around? We got you. Portability-wise, our top recommendation is the EzvaWash! 

The EzvaWash comes in a lightweight, heavy duty nylon material that only weighs 1.5 pounds. You don’t have to worry about bulky loads – you can easily fold the bag and it will take minimal space in your camping backpack. 

Despite its lightweight design, the EzvaWash can carry up to 5 gallons of water. With a long host and a flexible showerhead, we discovered that taking a bath feels like the one you make at home. 

Because it’s portable, flexible, and such a breeze to use, this portable camping shower is great for biking activities, outdoor trips, fishing trips, and even RV excursions. 

Definitely a great gift for those who love the outdoors. 

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If you’re a camper who’s always looking for enough water for your bath time, this product is for you. Out of all the camping showers we reviewed, we recommend the Coolbie for its high-capacity design. 

The Coolbie can cater to up to 5 gallons of water – enough for a full blast shower that can wash away dirt and grub from an entire day of adventure. The Coolbie comes with an ultra-durable PVC that can hold up the water efficiently. 

The new and improved Coolbie is solar powered – meaning, you won’t have to endure cold, icy water as the solar power from the sun makes the bag instantly heat up the water inside. 

The package includes a long host, and a showerhead to make your showering experience extra convenient. 

Campers called this “like the shower from home!” You will no longer have to feel icky all over. 

The Coolbie also comes with a waterproof slot where you can keep essential items from getting wet. If you need to cross a river, or get through a waterfall, you won’t have to worry about water getting into your bags. 

With ergonomic straps, the Coolbie is a breeze to carry around. 

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The common plight of campers when it comes to bathing is all too familiar for us – you either scour the entire camping grounds for a shower area, or you go for the all too common route of settling for icy cold rivers. This is why when we were looking for the best camping showers to recommend, we definitely put ease-of-use at the top of our list. This is why SpringvaFlow is one of our highly recommended products. 

SpringvaFlow is a product that makes you feel like you’ve brought your shower to the outdoors. Its design is meant to give you that bath time convenience. It comes with a collapsible water bag that can cater up to 4 gallons of water – enough to wash away the dirt, dust, and grub you’ve accumulated from all day of camping. 

The SpringvaFlow also comes with a shower head that makes the most out of the water you have. With a foot pump, you can easily drive water up the shower nozzle. The design of this portable shower for camping allows you to either manually hold it, or hang the nozzle on a tree for a hands-free experience. 

Now, here’s where the SpringvaFlow gets interesting. Unlike other camping showers that get stored for months because there’s no other use for them, SpringvaFlow can be used for multiple ways. You can use it if you want some backyard fun with kids; for washing the dog; for cleaning your car; and even for gardening! It’s definitely a product that will give you bang for your buck. 

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If you’re someone who just can’t give up hygiene even while on a camping trip, you probably go to great lengths just to check “bath time” off your camping must do’s. Well, not anymore with portable camping showers. With our top recommendations above, feeling fresh while out in the wilderness is 100% possible.